(1) 100% Greek 
WOODYLINE is a 100% Greek industry.
(2) 3D Design
All WOODYLINE partner stores use PC specialised 3D design software. You give us the dimensions of your space and we design a complete 3D proposal adapted to your needs with respect to your requirements.
(3) Ideal Quality-Price relationship
WOODYLINE understands the financial difficulties of this time and for this reason combines the material and manufacturing quality at the best cost.
(4) Production Quality – Raw Materials
WOODYLINE furniture is manufactured with quality and durable materials for the greatest lifespan. We use hardwood beech, pine, white ash veneer, MDF, NOVOPAN with oak veneer, anigre, materials that guarantee great endurance.
For our Economy line we use (MELAMINE-BAKELITE) chipboard 25mm-18mm produced by AKRITAS-EGGER-KRONOS which is HARMLESS, ANTIBACTERIAL and HYPOALLERGENIC.
Following all the current developments in Europe and around the world, WOODYLINE uses paint that conforms with EU health, safety and environmental protection standards, ensuring the safety of its furniture for children and teens.
Certificates held by WOODYLINE 
(5) Furniture for You
One of the things that make WOODYLINE stand out is the ability to adapt every model of its furniture to the customer's preferences. We can adapt every piece of furniture to the dimensions wanted by the customer, while the customer can also choose the material and colour that best fit their personality and style.
(6) Variety – Design and Functionality
At WOODYLINE the great variety of designs, dimensions, colours and materials provide you with an endless list of options.
Our furniture design guarantees ergonomics and functionality in all spaces.
(7) 6-Year WARRANTY
(8) Delivery
Prompt delivery of your order. 
(9) Satisfied customers
The greatest proof of WOODYLINE quality and excellence is our satisfied customers. Our customers' trust and their positive feedback is the best possible recognition of our effort to create great quality furniture.

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