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Woodyline was established in 1972 and now constitutes one of the fastest growing industries in kids and teens furniture manufacturing.

In our effort to cover all our customers' needs we founded Woodyline Sleep which operates in the area of sleep products.

Woodyline Sleep, following all the current developments, uses state-of-the-art materials and new technologies in all its sleep products aiming at the production of high quality items.

Woodyline Sleep products are ideal both for the  first stages of a child's development and for every adult's restful sleep. Woodyline Sleep mattresses can be fitted by covers which are easily removed and separately washed, ensuring excellent hygienic conditions.

Woodyline Sleep mattresses are manufactured upon demand, after careful selection of materials depending on your demands and needs, and then sent to end customer. Mattresses are not stored so as to ensure the high quality products we promise to deliver.

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